Mildred the cat is missing, and the rodents starts to roam the house

Detective Linny goes on a dangerous journey throughout the village of Dalarna Sweden to find her missing cat.
With a magnifying glass as her primary weapon, she can overcome her fear of birds by shooting concentrated beams from the sun.

Some roads are not only blocked by birds; to progess she must also solve logic puzzles by moving and breaking stone blocks, using umbrellas in windy updrafts and sometimes shrink to the size of a bumblebee to get through narrow passages.

And thanks to her experience of throwing balls with her german shepherd Kepler, the using of the mysterious teleportation ball becomes naturally.

  • Varying and unique mechanics spread over 90 challenging screens
  • 16 collectible secret paintings representing places over the world
  • 6 defiant bosses that puts your skill to a test
  • 30 catchy and melodic songs
  • Skateboard!

What really happend to Mildred? It's up to you to find out!