Martin the Munching Magpie

The sorrow after the love of his life, Magda, left him at the altar changed Martin forever. A darkness grew inside him and he spent most of his time in the clocktower of the church, the scene of the treacherous act. Whenever there was a wedding at the church he would fiercely attack the bride and groom, cackling maniacally. After the services was over he would eat all the rice the other guests threw at the happy couple. The rice swelled inside him and his body grew to monstrous proportions.

Some say you can still hear sobbing coming from the clock tower on warm summer nights.

Tic-mother Victoria

She was really coming of age, Victoria. She was several weeks old now and had decided to settle down in Kep Furrest and start a little family of a few thousand. But the furrest is dense and it is hard to keep track of all your kids, especially when your no good lousy husband is nowhere to be seen…

And damn whoever would lay a hand on her young…

The Prancing Mantis, Vance

After missing his chance to dance at the fancy manse in France, the prancing mantis Vance would advance to freelance his dance for the ants and plants. Taking his stance by the window he would enhance his dance by entering a trance. At first glance, the stance of Vance invites you to advance, but in the circumstance you fall askance of his dance, he would lance his dancing legs at you with nary a glance.

You’ve got no chance against Vance.